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Be a Pregnancy Pioneer in Your New Maternity Wrap!

Maternity Wrap Measurements Shining Light Prenatal Education 3701 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 May 3 – 7, post prenatal yoga classes Contact us for information We’ve been working non-stop to integrate our Spand-Ice Technology into a safe, easy and... read more

What is the Right Treatment for my Back Pain?

Last week I talked with Dr. Peter Peduzzi, a chiropractic physician and disc rehabilitation specialist, about cryotherapy (Ice therapy) and how he uses it in his practice at The American Back Center. We talked Q&A-style on the types of injuries he treats, how he... read more

Introducing: The Spand-Ice Recovery Wrap

If you’re anything like most of the mom’s we know, you suffer from pain. Maybe it’s back pain. Perhaps it’s hip pain or related to a surgical procedure. Here’s what we’re sure of: at some point along the motherhood journey, you’re likely to experience pain. Before... read more

Mommy’s-to-be and our unique prototype in back pain relief

Last weekend, Spand-Ice created a pop-up table at the Shining Light Prenatal Education Open House Party to debut our newest product in back pain relief: The Maternity Wrap. As we’ve learned from experts in the field, ice and heat help can be extremely beneficial... read more

Pregnant Back Pain & How to Get Relief

Have you ever wondered why back pain often comes hand-in-hand with pregnancy? Deena Blumenfeld, owner and Principal Educator at Shining Light Prenatal Education, explains the particulars of pregnant back pain, why it happens and what expecting moms can do to get... read more

Revive Tank Deconstructed

  When designing the Revive Tank, I wanted to combine the aesthetics of activewear, with the function and effectiveness of thermal therapy. I wanted to create something that was simple, flexible – something you could wear by itself, over or under clothing.... read more