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The Focus of Few, The Progress for Many

Here at Spand-Ice, we’re not normally into your typical cliches, but with the holidays upon us, we can’t help but feel an immense level of gratitude and what better time than now to express this to you! If you read our newsletter then you’ve seen that... read more

Cold Therapy Reaches Sub-Zero with this Holistic Approach

Nowadays, there are several holistic and non-invasive approaches that you can use to aid in minimizing body inflammation, and to even expedite the recovery of certain injuries. One method that has been quite popular is cryotherapy. Cryotherapy, or ice therapy, is the... read more

Postpartum Back Pain: How You Can Get Comfortable

In this post, I’ve asked Dr. Nuket Curran PT, a physical therapist of 18 years, to discuss pregnancy and postpartum back pain, and what new moms can do to alleviate their pain and discomfort. Her focus for the last decade has been management of low back... read more

5 Ways to Wrap Yourself in Recovery

We all know that death and taxes are the two things you can count on in life, but what about body aches, pains and injuries? Unless you live in a bubble, chances are you’ve dealt with some type of BODY PAIN even just as result of getting older. At Spand-Ice, we... read more

Be a Pregnancy Pioneer in Your New Maternity Wrap!

Maternity Wrap Measurements Shining Light Prenatal Education 3701 Butler St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 May 3 – 7, post prenatal yoga classes Contact us for information We’ve been working non-stop to integrate our Spand-Ice Technology into a safe, easy and... read more

What is the Right Treatment for my Back Pain?

Last week I talked with Dr. Peter Peduzzi, a chiropractic physician and disc rehabilitation specialist, about cryotherapy (Ice therapy) and how he uses it in his practice at The American Back Center. We talked Q&A-style on the types of injuries he treats, how he... read more
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Our goal is to help people move and recover easier from pain and activity with high-end wearable thermal therapy. We want you to live your life and treat your pain at the same time. Our products are:

Effective: Proven to alleviate pain, muscle soreness and inflammation
Mobile: Wear on its own or layer up to use anywhere at any time
Long-lasting: Up to 3 hours of hot / cold therapy
Adjustable: Compression, coverage, and support exactly where you need it
Easy: Tank top design you can get in and out of easily
Comfortable: Like throwing on another layer, our breathable and lightweight design is made just for you
Safe: Specially insulated fabrics to handle temperature extremes
Durable: Made in the USA with premium materials to withstand years of use
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