SpandIce - Physical Therapy Ice Pack

Recovery & Pain Management
Hot / Cold Therapy + Compression Apparel

Patent-pending technology proven to relieve your back pain, muscle soreness and inflammation.

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Thermal therapy clothing built to manage and prevent back pain

On-the-Go design, for living your life and treating your pain at the same time
Designed for your life, with the perfect fit and targeted relief for your specific pain
Leave your back pain behind. Reclaim your life. Keep going.


A healthy and optimal thermal therapy for low and mid-back injury recovery.

Complement your doctor-recommended treatment with Spand-Ice recovery technology
Safe, comfortable & easy to use, even when injuries limit your movement
Repair and restore so you can move forward.


Push harder, recovery quickly, and perform at your best- every time.

Complete back muscle recovery solution for use before, during and after intense workouts
Faster recovery for your next workout with integrated ice therapy
Repair and restore so you can move forward.


Apparel designed to ease back pain and inflammation, and shorten muscle recovery time. Our patent-pending design incorporates superior hot/cold pack technology, dual therapy pockets targeting low and mid back pain, adjustable compression for maximum coverage and support, and special insulated fabrics to keep you safe from temperature extremes. Our technology is made for you: Relief. Recover. Perform.

Revive Tank


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Revive Tank


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“Spand-Ice makes it easy to apply ice and heat ‘on-the-go’. The Revive Tank can be used by virtually any active person because you always have bumps, bruises and sore spots. It can also be used routinely for individuals with chronic conditions. Those that have had surgery, those that are trying to avoid surgery, it’s a great way of managing your pain without being incapacitated by your pain.”

– James L. Cosgrove, M.D.

1510 Windcrest Drive, Pittsburgh PA 15206

(412) ICE-8882

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Our goal is to help people easily recover from injury, pain and activity with thermal therapy apparel. Live life and treat your pain at the same time. Our products are:

Effective: Proven to reduce low and mid back pain and shorten muscle recovery time
Mobile: Wear on its own or layer up to use anywhere at any time
Long-lasting: Up to 3 hours of hot / cold therapy
Adjustable: Compression, coverage and support exactly where you need it
Easy: Tank top design you can get in and out of easily
Comfortable: Breathable and lightweight with men’s and women’s designs, sizes S – XXL
Safe: Specially insulated fabrics to handle temperature extremes
Durable: Made in the USA with premium materials to withstand years of use

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