Working during pregnancy can be difficult; between the everyday discomforts of pregnancy, the added stress of the work, and the ever-growing anticipation of your little one’s arrival, getting through each day pain free is a challenge. Although the workplace doesn’t slow down for your pregnant body, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you make it though your 9-5. Here are our top suggestions on the best ways to relieve stress and pregnant back pain in the office.

Tip #1: Practicing Good Posture

Whether your job has got you at a desk or on your feet during the day, keeping a healthy posture is a vital step to decreasing back pain. While it might be tempting to balance out your belly by leaning back, a neutral spine is actually more ideal because it allows for even weight distribution throughout the spinal column. During the work day, try to keep a straightened back, high chest, and relaxed shoulders to alleviate tension. To help enforce a strong posture during the day, make sure you get up and stretch frequently as well!

Tip #2: Stay Hydrated

We all know that staying hydrated is a common piece of healthy living advice, but it can actually make a difference in your back pain relief as well. Without water in your system, your pregnant body is more susceptible to cramps, which in turn creates even more tension in your sides and lower back. Let’s not forget that more water means more bathroom breaks, and thus more opportunities for you to get up, stretch out, and avoid that painful stiffness.

Tip #3: Stay Comfy!

Even if you are working in a business professional setting, know your maternity limits. If you are struggling with back pain throughout your work day, trying sticking to a comfortable pair of flats instead of heals. Remember that your body, your health, and your pain relief are more important than your style, so wear what you need to wear to keep yourself comfortable!

In addition to keeping a comfy style, make your office/work space a relaxed environment as well. Keep a few pillows nearby in case you need some extra back support or something to place between your knees. If your job has you standing often, you might want to ask your boss for a ergonomic chair. That way, when you take your breaks, your chair can actually help to support your posture as well as provide comfort.

Spand-Ice Working in the office while pregnant

Tip #4: Prepare for a Good Day

Pregnant back pain can be related to a stressful workday, which is why it is important to eliminate as much stress as possible within the other elements of your day. Try planning your meals, packing your bag, and laying out clothes the night before work so that you don’t have to rush in the morning. Additionally, getting a good night’s sleep can help you start your day off rested and pain free. A fresh start to the day can carry on throughout those long work hours!

Tip #5: Remember Your Ice AND Heat Therapy!

No matter the back pain, Spand-Ice wraps are made for long day in the office with hours of soothing ice or heat therapy. Be sure to have your ice packs ready to go with the kind of relief you need each day. Keep an extra set of ice packs in the freezer at work, or bring some along to heat up if you need it. If you start to feel that annoying back pain creeping in, you’ll be all set and to keep up with your busy schedule without taking time out of your day!