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Recovery Wrap Makes Top Products of 2017

Daily Deals Coupon has compiled a list of top products on Internet and Spand-Ice is on it! Our Hot Cold Recovery Wrap has been selected as part of their product recommendations for 2017. Woo hoo! Our hot and cold therapy targets low back, mid back or hip areas with...

A Safe Alternative to Opioids: The Revive Tank

Back pain plagues millions of Americans yearly and is the single leading cause of disability nationwide. Current back pain treatment methods can be messy or time consuming. They can even be habit forming as with the recent opioid epidemic. Spand-Ice has created The...

How I Eased Pregnancy Pains with the Spand-Ice Maternity Wrap

The idea of using ice on a sore, pregnant back is genius. I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner. As a runner, I’ve been doing my best to keep an active pregnancy, but running often exacerbates my already present back pain and pregnancy pains. I had been using heating...

Turning Your Prototypes into Factory Samples

If you’re a soft goods maker and want to move to scale your production t with a cut and sew partner, we’ve got some tips to share with you on how to set your Brand up for success and move from turning prototype sample designs into factory ready for customers. When I...

KDKA PTL: Spand-Ice Designed to Relieve Back Pain

If you have chronic back pain, you know you would try just about anything to to make it go away. A local woman felt the same way and designed ice and heat, compression and support clothing called Spand-Ice.
Address: 1510 Windcrest Drive, Pittsburgh PA 15206
(412) ICE-8882
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Our goal is to help people move and recover easier from pain and activity with high-end wearable thermal therapy. We want you to live your life and treat your pain at the same time. Our products are:

Effective: Proven to alleviate pain, muscle soreness and inflammation
Mobile: Wear on its own or layer up to use anywhere at any time
Long-lasting: Up to 3 hours of hot / cold therapy
Adjustable: Compression, coverage, and support exactly where you need it
Easy: Tank top design you can get in and out of easily
Comfortable: Like throwing on another layer, our breathable and lightweight design is made just for you
Safe: Specially insulated fabrics to handle temperature extremes
Durable: Made in the USA with premium materials to withstand years of use
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